Friday, June 04, 2010

When Screenwriting Goes Wrong

I just received this email from the people that run the contest I just won:

"Please be informed that we have received countless emails and phone calls from one of the submitters to the Screenplay Competition. These emails and calls as well as her screenplay are incoherent and obsessive. We have tried many times to clarify to this person that the competition is over that her screenplay was not a finalist, but she continues to pursue calling and emailing. Now that names have been posted for both finalists and winners she is calling with questions about you and your screenplays. We are not answering any questions and have told her to cease contact. 

We are letting you know about this since the internet makes it possible to track people down through facebook, twitter, etc. Our strong advise to you is do not respond if you get any contact from her. She lives in British Columbia, Canada, her area code is (250) and her name is Anastasia S_______. [edited out]

Just looking out for you guys. Please do let us know if you hear from her, but hopefully that will never happen."

I've heard of people reacting badly to notes and criticism, but not winning a contest?   What surprises me the most is that she's Canadian. I thought Canadians didn't get angry.


Reader Proof Blog said...

I think you can get a movie idea out of this.

"The Hand that Writes the Script"...

dizzydent said...

That's the first thing I thought. But then I remembered that I read somewhere (probably a writing advice blog) that you shouldn't write stories about writers.

Reader Proof Blog said...

That's very true. Only writers like movies that are about writing.

Everyone else gets bored.

justiceseeker said...

I worked as a flight attendant and had routes through Toronto and Montreal. I can tell you for a fact that Canadians can be angry dicks. And messy as hell. LOL.