Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cassavetes: Shadows (Lelia Goldoni Q&A)

This set of videos is from the Lelia Goldoni Q&A before the screening of Shadows back in March at the Cinefamily. Stay tuned for video from the Seymor Cassel, Ben Gazarra, Gena Rowlands Q&As and more. It was an amazing series.  The Cinefamily is putting on some great stuff and you should check it out.

Part 1: Introduction

Lelia talks about her memories of The Silent Film Theatre (now The Cinefamily)
"...films that are important for people who want to be artists to see."

Part 2

The origins of Shadows, leaving Los Angeles for New York and meeting John.

Part 3

"It seemed to me that he was always in a state of discovery, which I think life is actually all about."

Part 4

"There was no character to discuss. It was us."

Part 5

"When you're in a circumstance with those who you know and trust, you are likely to dare to do things more on a personal level."

Part 6

"It was the doing of it."

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