Heartbreak in 209 Cuts (2011)
After a break up, a woman botches suicide attempts while dealing with her heartbreak.

Toñita Runs Away (2012)

After being scolded one too many times, mischievous Toñita runs away from home. While on the road, she meets another little girl and together they embark on a frolic through the Mexican countryside. On their way to the rodeo, their fun is interrupted by a gang of bullies and what looks like a covered corpse in the middle of the road.

Leave the Light On (2013)

A frustrated babysitter reads a fascinating bedtime story to a bratty horror fan girl.

Leave the Light On from Teri Carson on Vimeo.

Subplot (2013)

A couple wants to break up, but are unable to communicate. They both secretly plan their escape while remembering the beginning of their relationship.
Subplot from Teri Carson on Vimeo.

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