Thursday, January 29, 2004


Bliss is screening at the Whistle Stop. I meet Lesley, her husband, Neil and Chris F. there. Chris expresses an interest in editing Chia Pet. Okay, he’s got it. Except for Bliss, which Neil directed and I shot, most of the films we see are embarrasingly bad.

Lesson: Brew n’View: beer good, films not so good.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Freddy, Laura and I rent a Dodge Neon and drive to LA to get the telecine done at Magic Film. Together with The Bell footage, we have 4,000 feet. Natalia meets us there. It takes Rick more than five hours to telecine everything. He is really nice to us and a very good colorist. He remarks on how much we have improved, since he has telecined almost every film we have shot. Yea, everything looks really good. I invite Rick to come to dinner with us because Laura thinks he is cute, but he can’t, he has to work. As we are driving back at 90 mph, Freddy falls asleep and I think I am scaring the shit out of Laura because she keeps telling me to slow down and that there is a cop on my tail, which is not true.