Friday, March 13, 2015

Three Statements to Fend Off Artistic Paralysis

If you are fortunate, a time comes when you have to accept who you are and you stop trying to put a label on yourself that will be accepted by others.  I am an interdisciplinary artist that puts words on paper, photographs, paints with light and pixels and makes videos and films.  People say it’s impossible to be successful if you don’t concentrate on being good at that one thing.  It may be true.  I am also guilty of telling this to people and believing it.  But I’ve also accepted that success as defined by society may not be my truth and destiny.  My truth is that my success depends on continuing to have the privilege to make art on my terms.  If not successful, at least I am lucky.  And, although it unsettles me to admit it, happy from the joy I get from this freedom.  I hope my destiny is to make art until I die.