Friday, February 18, 2011

Beyond the grime is almost abstract.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, all I saw was grime.  No amount of palm trees and pretty people could distract me from the grime and I just couldn't accept that no one washes the grime off the city.  Also, I never understood why the world is so fascinated with such an ugly place.  Obviously they weren't seeing what I was seeing. No one sees what we see so there is really no such thing as reality.  Los Angeles is a cruel dystopia and it will fuck you up if you let it. Los Angeles isn't real.

I took these photographs on my way home after work today--at stop lights through my windshield.  I immediately noticed what I was seeing through the windows wasn't exactly what was on my screen and on my mind. I had to manipulate them even further.  That's what I do.

Someone told me recently to "imagine." It wasn't necessary. That's all I do. Imagine.


Liz said...

The thrill comes from the infinite degrees of imagining you can have between worst and best and not knowing which will be prevalent each following day.

delaynamichelle said...

Beautiful photos!!! Now was that so hard? I thank you. :)