Thursday, January 06, 2011

So many movies, so much booze, so little time.

I just got an email from the Spirit Awards listing the confirmed screeners they’re sending out. Most of these movies I wanted to see but they were in theaters for such a short time that I missed them. (Including Life During Wartime!) Also, I’m not used to paying to watch movies. Now I get to see them for free and in the comfort of my own couch. Hopefully. If I get to them. I still haven’t watched last year’s screeners, including Precious. I still voted though. Eh. It's not like it's the Oscars. On second thought...nevermind.

This year’s batch seems much better.

Everything Strange and New
Exit Through the Gift Shop
The Kids Are All Right
Lovely, Still
Winter's Bone

Also, Film Independent puts on theater screenings of all nominated movies, so there will be more to watch. And don’t forget the Directors Close-Up series starting February 2nd: five weeks of conversations about the craft, the collaboration, and the art of filmmaking. Sometimes they’re interesting and sometimes they’re a let down. It depends a lot on the moderator and the guests. Mary Sweeney was a snooze, Neil LaBute too much of a comedian. There's much room for improvement. We shall see.

02 February 2011

Music and Sound Design
Join director Matt Reeves and his Let Me In and Cloverfield sound team for a conversation about creating the right soundtrack for a film.

Speakers include:
Matt Reeves (Director, Let Me In, Cloverfield)
Will Files (Sound Designer/Sound Re-recording mixer, Let Me In, Cloverfield)
Doug Murray (Supervising Sound Designer/ Sound Re-recording mixer, Let Me In, Cloverfield)

09 February 2011
The Creative Team
The collaborative work of the creative team brings a director’s vision to life. Explore a project’s journey from the early stages of research, through the careful choices of production design, lighting, and camera work, and finally to the screen.

Speakers TBA

16 February 2011
Casting and Directing Actors
A director, casting director, and actors will discuss the casting process, their collaboration on set, and how to shape great performances.

Speakers TBA

23 February 2011
The Spirit of Independence: A Roundtable Discussion
In this annual tradition, we’ll bring together directors from some of this year’s Spirit Award-nominated films to discuss their craft, and the challenges of staying true to their vision.

Speakers TBA

02 March 2011
Writing and Directing
A group of writers, directors, and writer/directors talk about their challenges and triumphs.

Speakers include:
Nicole Holofcener (Writer/Director, Please Give, Lovely & Amazing)
Jay & Mark Duplass (Writers/Directors, Cyrus, Baghead)

My love/hate relationship with award season continues…

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