Friday, October 24, 2003



I leave work early so we can shoot the park scene during magic hour. Laura informs me that we still don't have a permit from the trolley people. Also, she didn’t get the Uhaul. I tell Freddy and he gets very mad, since he was supposed to get the phone booth from Stu Segall in the Uhaul. This is a major crisis I tell him. No phone booth, no ending, no film. Then, I notice the plate from the tripod is missing. Cannot use the tripod without it. Not a problem here, but how will I do a tracking shot later on without a tripod? Neil calls. He broke a tooth and has to go to the dentist.

After shooting the park sequence, we move on to the office. The security guards are not very nice, but they have orders to let me in and help me. Freddy calls me from Stu Segall. The guy there is being a world class asshole and won't let him take the phone booth without securing it safely to the truck. Freddy does not have blankets or rope. I tell him: no phone booth, no ending, no film! Somehow, he convinces him to let us pick up the phone booth tomorrow morning. Good, because I was about to cry.

Neil finally shows up and Laura gets KFC for dinner. KFC is a Tricon Restaurant. Tricon also owns Taco Bell, and they exploit migrant workers. If that was not enough, she tells Neil he has to be the last one to eat because he was the last one to arrive. Neil ignores her and serves himself anyway. This is in front of EVERYBODY. I am so embarrassed and livid, so I leave the room. I apologize to Neil and he is totally cool. Somehow, Freddy manages to cheer me up and we get started. We immediately start joking and having fun in spite of the fried chicken incident. Melissa, the costume designer, becomes the dolly grip, since everyone else sucks at it.

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