Sunday, October 19, 2003



Laura calls me and tells me to buy ice. I am already downtown, so I walk to the nearest liquor store. Closed. I should be setting up for my first shot of the day, but instead I am walking around downtown at 8:00 a.m. looking for ice.

The refrigerator arrives. It is very small. No way my ass is fitting in there. Luckily, Natalia is petite. She has no problem fitting in there with the camera to do the over the chicken's shoulder shot. I am very happy with Dulce’s performance and ability to do exactly what I tell her to do. Yes, we are doing something good here.

Laura feeds us tamales and beans. Torrence and Paul are kind enough to let her use their kitchen and we eat on their couches. Laura makes them chicken soup with one of the prop chickens. I am worried they will get food poisoning, but I don’t say anything. I ask Laura if it is okay. She says the chicken is fine.

Freddy makes the chicken look as gross as it smells. Everyone is grossed out and gagging while we are shooting the rotten chicken sequence. It smells terribly nasty, but Dulce goes to town on the chicken even though the script only calls for “poking.” My sister calls me from Phil’s barbecue to see if I want something for after the shoot. Hell yes. But just ribs, no chicken.

Neil and Laura start arguing about who is going to take back the equipment to SDSU. I am too tired for this shit. I tell Laura not to inconvenience Neil. We’ll take care of it. We come up with a plan for the return of the equipment. I try to talk to Freddy about it, but instead of listening he gets all worked up and won’t let me talk. I say something, he says something back and then we start yelling at each other. Unbelievable. I go to my car to load some stuff and I notice I locked my keys inside. Ok, I need to call Sprint PCS roadside rescue, but I can’t find my phone and when I do I don’t have the number. I go to Digital Pickles to use their internet and Torrence and Paul are eating and loving the chicken soup. Freddy comes in and wants to talk to me, but I say no I don’t want to hear it. So he leaves.

Everyone leaves and Laura and I left behind thinking we are hungry. I am not going anywhere at this hour, especially when I have to be at work tomorrow morning. I remember about the Phil’s BBQ in my refrigerator. Laura and I eat it before going to bed.

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