Thursday, October 16, 2003


I reluctantly begin this journal wondering why anyone would care. In the end, it should be good for something I suppose. Since wisdom is acquired from experience, i.e. falling on your face, then I hope to share that painfully acquired wisdom with other filmmakers.

The day before we start shooting, we meet at Digital Pickles, the site of our "sound stage" which is actually an empty loft. The loft is dirty since the tenants were evicted by the sheriff. Alex Farnsley delivers the camera and gives us a demo. My 1st AC does not show up, and I am freaking silently, since I am shooting the show myself and I need a lot of help. Neil assures me that Natalia is a professional, so she will show up for the shoot. We find out that we will not be able to lock the loft. Great. That means we can't leave anything in there after shooting. We will have to store everything next door at Digital Pickles.

Dulce, the lead actress, and Laura show up. Dulce's hair is a different color. Her make up looks great, but she looks uncomfortable and is acting a bit weird. I gave my "this is not a Hollywood set or SDSU shoot" and “no pizza as a hot lunch” speeches and everyone seems to be psyched. On my way home I get a call from Dulce. She is crying because she hates her hair. It is not Koko she says. I agree and tell he to dye it back. She is relieved. I hope Genaro won't be upset. It is a great dye job, but not right for the character. Let the drama begin.

Laura took it upon herself to grow the Chia Pets, since I am no good at domestic stuff. She confesses the Chia Pets did not grow as expected, mainly because her cats peed on them. I refuse to worry about that.

Natalia calls me back apologizing for missing the meeting. She had to work at the TV station. What a relief. I go to bed telling myself I can handle anything.

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