Friday, September 07, 2012

Screenplay Finalist: 1st & 10

My screenplay, 1st & 10, is a finalist at the Broad Humor Film Festival which will take place from September 27-30th in Venice, California.  Of course, winning is the coolest, but the second coolest thing is that BHFF has what’s called the “Broadsides Lab” to give writers the chance to enjoy the spotlight. BHFF invites all the screenplay finalists to submit pages which they cast with professional actors who then read for an invited audience.  The Lab will take place on Sunday, September 30th at 1:00 p.m.

Here’s the full list of finalists:


Cricket by Alissa Dean

Lush Adventures by Jane Meikle

Hot Flash by Su Hoyle and Nina Wishengrad

Tinker by Erin Rae Miller

Meet Cute by Susie Ruckle

Belayed by Belle Karper

Sam Houston Colt 45 by Mary Huckstep

Snowball’s Chance by D. A. Stenard

Risk 101 by Hannah Leskosky

Boyfriend for Hire by Gloria Ann Smith



Do You Have a Minute? by Hanna Leskosky

Lit Mag by Taylor Tetreau

Empty Nest by Kate Wood

Spin by Judith Lutz

1st & 10 by Teri Carson

Logline: On their way to brunch, a couple spots another couple at the park tossing a football around and stop to say a quick hello.  Soon the women are cajoled into a friendly game of couple’s football where they end up acting up their frustrations with each other on the field.

In other news, I have just released Heartbreak in 209 Cuts for a limited time (until I update my website) on Vimeo.  I think a year is enough of a festival run and I have to turn my attention to my latest baby, Toñita Runs Away, which, incidentally, will also screen at the BHFF on Sunday after the Lab.  More details to come after BHFF updates its website.


You can watch Heartbreak here:
As a juicy aside (I have to put this in because for the most part this is a really boring post), one of the finalists above cried after I beat her in the same category two years ago.  It was really awkward because she stayed for the closing night party and kept on crying in her husband's arms.  I'm just glad we're not in the same category and she should be glad too because, well...the odds would have been stacked up against her. Just sayin' as they say.  

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