Monday, June 25, 2012

Toñita Runs Away Premiere Press Release

The lineup is always first rate, but this year looks absolutely fantastic.  I look forward to seeing all my friends and family there.

See below for full press release or click on link below.


MCASD and Muse Chasers present celebrated short-film festival with both new films and a must-see “greatest hits” selection of brilliant shorts from past decade



San Diego, CA –MCASD and the Muse Chasers mark the 10th anniversary of San Diego’s premier short-film showcase alt.pictureshows at its La Jolla location on Thursday, August 30 from 7-10 PM.

Curated and founded by filmmaker and MCASD Film Curator Neil Kendricks, this special installment of alt.pictureshows features more than 20 intelligent, inspirational, and thought-provoking short films guaranteed to challenge, surprise, and engage adventurous film lovers in search of a true alternative to the usual multiplex experience. This one-night-only festival celebrating the storytelling prowess and creative ingenuity of short films is only $5 for general admission and free to MCASD Members.

This year’s short-film extravaganza ranges from Saba Riaza’s realistic drama The Wind is Blowing on My Street shot on location in Tehran, Iran, to British filmmaker Frederic Casella’s award-winning comedy Tooty’s Wedding, which imagines a worst-case scenario of miscommunication at a wedding, triggering hilarious mayhem. This year’s event also includes Anna Musso’s sublime, slide-of-life, urban drama L Train that will break hearts with its poignant, unspoken insights into the human heart. Beasts of the Southern Wild film director Benh Zeitlin’s short film Glory at Sea is among the event’s most powerful and challenging short films.

Part film festival and part art happening with a twist, the always surprising and innovative alt.pictureshows also showcases indie music videos by Nathan Gulick and Aaron Soto and a “greatest hits” selection of shorts from the event’s past decade, including award-winning cinematic works that got their San Diego debut at MCASD.

The event will transform MCASD’s Sherwood Auditorium and select gallery spaces into the supreme micro-cinema spectacle where Museum-goers are free to “physical channel surf” by dipping in and out rooms at will. Like previous installments of alt.pictureshows, this year’s roster of marvelous short films are arranged either by shared thematic concerns, stylistic approaches, or both in a unique night of small, yet powerful, cinematic wonders.

Lineup is subject to change and more films may be announced

OCCUPY MY HEART (Sherwood Auditorium)
The Wind is Blowing on My Street(15 min.) by Sarah Riaza
Glory at Sea(25 min.) by Benh Zeitlin
The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom (39 min.) by Lucy Walker
L Train(11 min.) by Anna Musso

Un Attimo Di Respirro(A Moment to Breathe) (13 min.) by Sara Colangelo
Odysseus’ Gambit(12 min.) by Alex Lora Cercos
Aquadettes (11 min.) by Drea Cooper and Zachary Canepari
Tooty’s Wedding(19 min.) by Frederic Casella

Antarctic…Huh? by Matt Hoyt and Jason Sherry
Carnivalby Cheryl Kanekar
Tonita Runs Away(6 min) by Teri Carson
Robots of Brixton(6 min.) by Kibwe Tavares
Tumult (13 min.) by Johnny Barrington

Eternal Gaze(16 min.) by Sam Chen
Fake Baby (3:04 min.)by Matt Hoyt
Bless Your Pets(12 min.) by Teri Lang and Jim Garry
Loop(3 min.) by Neil Kendricks
Robin’s Big Date(7:19 min.) by James Duffy
Bitch(15 min.) by Lilah Vandenburgh
West Bank Story(22 min.) by Ari Sandel
Late Bloomer(12:44 min.) by Craig McNeill
Insectoby Giancarlo Ruiz
I Love Sarah Jane(14 min.) by Spencer Susser
Spider(9 min.) by Nash Edgarton
Madagascar(11:06 min.) by Bastien Dubois

THE WAILING WALL (Oceanview Terrace)
Silent Lune’s Shades of Red music video (5:07 min.) by Aaron Soto
The Journey Back Down Jump Truth Mountain(2:20 min.) by Nathan Gulick
Inkjet’s Now music video (3:37 min.) by Aaron Soto
Deep Space Traveler(10 min.) by Mark Nielsen

Founded in 1941, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD) is the preeminent contemporary visual arts institution in San Diego County. The Museum’s collection includes more than 4,000 works of art created since 1950. In addition to presenting exhibitions by international contemporary artists, the Museum serves thousands of children and adults annually at its varied education programs, and offers a rich program of film, performance, and lectures. MCASD is a private, nonprofit organization, with 501c3 tax-exempt status; it is supported by generous contributions and grants from MCASD Members and other individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies. Dr. Hugh M. Davies is The David C. Copley Director and CEO at MCASD.

Institutional support for MCASD is provided by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture.

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