Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heartbreak in 209 Cuts: Press Clippings

The last time I was interviewed for an article, the reporter ended up writing that I said Mexican films were crap and spelled my name "Terry Carlson." Apparently this is typical of the press. I didn't say that by the way and it was especially cringe-inducing to read since I'm Mexican and my film was a selection at the San Diego Latino Film Festival. Yeah, GULP. That they changed my name was really what bothered me the most.

I got interviewed over the phone yesterday and after hanging up I realized I blabbed and expected to read some abomination. I was relieved when I read the article this morning. I just need to clarify one thing:

I told the reporter that the best part about making this film was learning that I was capable of so much more in terms of the technical aspects of filmmaking. I was referring to post production. In the article the reporter writes:

...but it is her first attempt at taking on every technical role in the film making process and creating a short film completely on her own.

I was talking about editing, sound design, mix, titles, etc. I had a crew and I wouldn't have had such a great experience and results without them, especially my DP Giancarlo Ruiz. But I don't blame the reporter, I blabbed too much.

You can read the article below as well as other press the MCASD alt.pictureshows event is getting.

La Jolla Patch Article

San Diego City Beat (Where Giancarlo gets a nice kudos.)

I’ve seen a few of them, and I can assure you that it’s worth stopping by the Global Wanderlust Station, where you can catch former San Diegan Teri Carson’s short, Heartbreak in 209 Cuts, a sharp little film about a girl dealing with the aftermath of a breakup. Technically speaking, it’s a comedy featuring some terrific cinematography from another local, Giancarlo Ruiz.

Here is KPBS film critic and cinema expert Beth Accomando's analysis of the works by Tijuana-based filmmakers (and friends) Cathy Alberich and Aaron Soto. I'm really looking forward to seeing them and their new work.

San Diego Reader article

La Jolla Light article

Museum-goers will be free to dip in and out of rooms at will to sample an offbeat cross-section of films linked either by a common theme, sensibility, or both in what promises to be an evening where “physical channel surfing” is encouraged.

I'm really excited to hang out but a little nervous that my dad is going. Last time I showed him one of my films he was catatonic throughout. And of course I hope my Mexican family doesn't show up with mariachis.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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