Thursday, February 19, 2004


I take my sister with me. She is worried that it is going to get late and she won’t get enough sleep. Her usual bedtime is 9:00 p.m. We get to Java Joe’s. There are three Truckees instead of two and Peat is on the drums. I introduce myself to Peat before the show.

So I find out that their real names are Patrick (Peat) and Chris (Cady) and they are not brothers. At Lestat’s I really thought their were brothers, even though they don’t look alike which doesn’t matter because people don’t believe Hen and I are sisters and we are. Anyway, I show them the trailer and the very rough cut I put together for the CUFF. They like it. They are doing the music. Great. So we talk for a long time and my sister keeps giving me dirty looks because it is way past her bed time. I tell them to do whatever they want with the music. I don’t think they believe me, so I explain that, normally, I am a control freak and I always tell people what to do and not just in filmmaking. Always. Not this time. Time to go, we shake on it.

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