Friday, February 06, 2004


Kim and Sammy called me and invited me to Lestat’s to go see these guys whom they saw at open mike night which they say are really good. I should stay home and write, but I go anyway. As the Truckee Brothers are doing their sound check, I remark that the tall dark one has a nice butt. Sammy laughs and shakes his head. What? He does! Back to the music. Every song is different. I turn to Sammy and tell him I would give my film to these guys and tell them to score it. Just like that. Do whatever you want dudes. After the performance we go to an Irish pub nearby and down some pints as the lads would say. Something like that, I’m not Irish. The Truckees show up and I think of going up to them and introducing myself, give them my card, ask them to score my film. I don’t because even after three Stellas, I am still too shy. I’ll just write them an e-mail.

Lesson: There is no shyness in filmmaking.

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