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Film Schedule for The Boyle Heights Latina Independent Film Extravaganza (BHLIFE)

Still from Heartbreak in 209 Cuts

Tickets & ReservationsBHLIFE, 2012 CASA 0101 Theater Los Angeles, CA

BHLIFE is a celebration of Latinas, their voices and their visions. The mission of the festival is to build a network of Latina filmmakers that will draw attention to the growing number of Latinas working behind the camera.

BHLIFE will take place March 2-4, 2012 in celebration of International Woman's Day*.
FRIDAY, 2/2/12 | Opening Night Gala: 7 pm - 2:30 am
$25 for Opening Night Film & Post Show Celebration
$10 for Post Show Celebration Only
7:00 pm: Red Carpet
8:00 pm: Doors Open- general public
8:30 pm: Opening Night Film followed by Q&A
10:30 pm: Opening Night Reception feat DJ JRythm

SATURDAY, 3/3/12 | Pitching Seminar: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
-FREE. Featuring Diana Lesmez. MUST RSVP.

SATURDAY, 3/3/12 | Short Films
Block 1: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
$10 General Admission
TEACHING MY MAN HOW TO DRIVE STICK (6:22), dir. Elizabeth Otero
SHARP KNIVES (4:28), dir. Fanny Veliz
MORNING AFTER (18:52), dir. Regina Gomez
MEET THE FRESHLEEZ (5:14), dir. Stephanie St. Sanchez
MEXICAN FRIED CHICKEN (13:20), dir. Ivete Lucas
CRUZANDO LA LINEA (9:43), dir. Maria Keohan
PAINTED LADIES (9:54), dir. Gianze Perez
THE BIG DEAL (8:41), dir. Lucy Rodriguez
LAS ULTIMAS EN SEXO GRANDE (2:25), dir. Stephanie St. Sanchez

SATURDAY, 3/3/12 | Short Films
Block 2: 3:15 pm - 4:50 pm
$10 General Admission
LE PETIT CHEF (7:18), dir. Sara Martin
SYNERGY (6:56), dir. Gabriela Egito
YOU + ME = US (7:16), dir. Gianze Perez
HEARTBREAK IN 209 CUTS (7:00), dir. Teri Carson
COMING TOGETHER (4:00), dir. Cheyann Montiel Reagan
THE BOYFRIEND CEMETERY (9:05), dir. Claudia Forestieri
SOLEIL (13:50), dir. Emmanuel Macias
GORDITA (10:48), dir. Deby Wolfe
READY TO TALK (22:00), dir. Angeles Reine

SATURDAY, 3/3/12 | Short Films
Block 3: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
$10 General Admission
SIN FRONTERAS (15:37), dir. Jimena Grijalva Gallego
THE HEALER (30:00), dir. Consuelo Alba
TLAKATILIZTLI (51:06), dir. Diana Lopez

SATURDAY, 3/3/12 | Short Films
Block 4: 8:15 pm - 10:15 pm
$10 General Admission
UNDERSTUDY (20:59), dir. Cristina Malavenda
PALOMA (27:54), dir. Yolanda Romersa
ESO BESO (THAT KISS) (17:52), dir. Kamala Lopez
CHILD OF THE DESERT (27:54), dir. Lliana Sosa

SATURDAY, 3/3/12 | After Party feat Nelson Ruiz: 10:30 pm - 11:30pm
$15 General Admission
Directly from New York, Nelson Ruiz, brother of the legendary Frankie Ruiz & Viti Ruiz will be performing the best rumba along with Juan "Tiny" Colon and the Sinfonico de La Salsa.

SUNDAY, 3/4/12 | How to Create an Effective Webisode: 12 pm - 1 pm
-FREE panel. Speakers TBA. Moderated by Cuéntame | Brave New Foundation
Reservations encouraged.

SUNDAY, 3/4/12 | Short Films
Block 5: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
$10 General Admission
LA NUEVA GENERACION (9:36), dir. Estela Alvarado
MUJER MAIZ (20:21), dir. Andrea Rodriguez
BARRIO MMA KID (59:33), dir. Belinda Salazar

SUNDAY, 3/4/12 | Short Films
Block 6: 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
$10 General Admission
THE DREAMER (14:36), dir. Emileigh Potter
PARAISO FOR SALE (73:00), dir. Anayansi Prado

SUNDAY, 3/4/12 | Closing Night Awards: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
8:30 pm - 12 am: Closing Night Celebration

*International Woman's Day is on March 8th and is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. BHLIFE Founder, Josefina Lopez | Festival Director, Sandra Varona | Assistant Director, Sandra Canchola

Contact: Emmanuel Deleage Phone: 323-263-7684 Email:



Follows the steps of Don Sergio Castro, who treats patients seven days a week for free, while building schools and water projects in Chiapas. Donations by tourists at his own ethnographic museum, which houses an important collection of traditional Mayan clothing, have funded his humanitarian work. But times are more trying than ever, as Don Sergio lives and works on the edge of an economic precipice. Can he continue to serve the people who depend on his good works?

Explores the evolution of narco corridos, a regional Mexican music sub-genre.

There’s no reason why breaking up shouldn’t make us laugh, sooner or later. As the hardest day of her break up unfolds, we watch a girl botch suicide attempts, binge, drink and cope with loneliness. If you’ve been dumped by a lover, you’ll relate to this story of heartbreak and rebirth.

The regional sales manager Amelia Lockheart (Ilka Urbach) disputes a big promotion with her coworker, Constantine Matters (Robert Balder). The competition intensifies when they get stuck with a stranger (Nicaolas Smith) in a conference room, triggering unforeseen consequences. | Site: | Merit Award at the Awareness Film Festival

A heartbroken bohemian girl tries to convince a widower that break ups are worse than death

Sin Fronteras a one-day labor journey in the lives of those who've sacrificed being with their loved ones in order to provide them with a better life, having had the realization that borders become invisible when you have a purpose, your family.

The search for the perfect kiss, the orgasmic kiss described in the Tao, obsesses Cecilia both in her dreams and waking life.  The pressure this puts on her relationship with Javier brings out a sudden ugliness that has permanent consequences

Clara Klein is a young professional dancer in a hot new salsa show. There is a week left to go until opening night - tensions are high and the competition is fierce. As the understudy, it is a particularly difficult time for Clara since she can't nail her routines. The clock is ticking as she struggles to do her best in the face of heartbreak and revenge.

Jaq, a young boy  tries to win the approval of his German father Agid by becoming a great chef  and live in Paris, France,

A young teen in foster care returns to her place of birth in Guatemala in search of her family, but what she uncovers is far from what she ever imagined.

Do you use Yelp to define where you will go in life?  Would you use it to find a therapist? For Denise and Dan Sagan, going to Dr. DrewAnn’s couples and family therapy counseling may not be the best remedy for their relationship.  Does a four star rating necessarily mean a positive influence for them?

Tells the story of a Benny Veliz, an outstanding student and “overachiever.” Though Benny is a hard working and talented young woman, she’s ineligible for legal residency in the United States. Benny is an undocumented immigrant who was brought over the border by her parents when she was young.

In PARAISO FOR SALE, filmmaker, Anayansi Prado, returns to her homeland to document the effects the fast-growing migration is having on the local community.  This engaging and revealing documentary tells the personal stories of the people who call this area home and would like to keep it that way. From an American couple whoʼve invested not just in their home but in their Panamanian community to a local businessman turned political

A school massacre plunges a community into mourning and compels them to come together to pick up the pieces. Michael, aimless and in denial, has lost his wife and his will to live.After losing his business, he works at his cousin's coffee shop where he meets Christina, the mother of one of the children killed in the school.

Xilonen, afraid to dance in public overcomes her fears when her grandfather's spirit leads her into an enchanted cornfield labyrinth. Xila receives inspiration and guidance along the way when four mythical Energy Forces (spirits) representing one of the four directions and animal spirits (i.e. North-Jaguar, South-Rabbit, East-Serpent, West-Eagle) guide Xila in overcoming her greatest fears of dance.

A free-spirited Mexican American woman abandons her family for sex, drugs and the party life, and returns 9 years later, now 'clean' and seeking forgiveness. The story unfolds with a bi-lingual Music-Videocal style from the characters, including an on screen singing debut from Steven Bauer who plays Paloma's husband Enrique. 3 key dialogue scenes and a myriad of musical styles, bring to the forefront the characters' plights, and efforts to grapple with the emotional toll of Paloma's absence and return.

A 911 call leads two police detectives to a body of a young man.  Their case unfolds when they discover a video camera at the crime scene.  Soon they stumble into the dark under world of MMA, greed and betrayal. 

A 5 piece Latin band is a performance documentary that introduces every band member to the audience. Each member speaks about their introduction into the band and describes their love for music. We follow LSC to several shows and document their live performances. This documentary chronicles how and why La Santa Cecilia is a vibrant, colorful, and special musical collaboration.

A military mother, who has just suffered the loss of her son, meets an undocumented immigrant in the heart of the West Texas desert and befriends him.


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