Sunday, December 19, 2004

Penguins Take Over Paris

I finally had a dream that I made it to Paris. I get to my hotel, which was actually a motel, and it was shit. There was an infestation of penguins, all sizes, all around the block and it smelled! I get to the room and it was dirty and there was pita bread all over the place. I told the cab driver not to leave me there and I kept saying to the hotel manager that I was not staying there. I also told him that I was not going to be able to sleep with all the penguin noise. He kept saying that I would get used to the penguins and that they would clean the room really fast and not to worry. So then they pull out a man on a gurney. He looked like a huge boil or creature. Apparently, he had died in the room several days ago. Then the manager comes out and feeds the penguins the pita bread. The cab driver kept on examining the dead man trying to figure out what he died from. It was disgusting. Then I woke up and boy was I happy! But, the point is, the plane didn't crash, as it had for the last twenty years in my dreams.

I looked up the meaning of the dream:

"Seeing a penguin in your dream means that your problems are not as serious as you may think. It serves as a reminder for you to keep you cool and remain level-headed. Alternatively, a penguin seen in your dream suggests that you are being weighed down by your emotions or by a negative situation. You need to find some balance and inner harmony."

I really hate these useless and boring interpretations.

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